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This page lists known enemies, with a section for each about their location, description, drops and strategy. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

Note: This page may contain spoilers.


Location: Example Place

Description: Short physical description.

Drops: [Number of] Souls, Example Weapon

Strategy: Description of hardships, general easy way of dealing with them, any oddities about their design in the game that makes them easy or hard to beat.

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Location: Northern Undead Asylum, Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Depths

Description: These zombies are unarmored and easy to kill. While some of them are docile, a few carry swords or short bows with them.

Drops: 20-150 souls, Broken Straight Sword, Short Bow

Strategy: Block the zombie's attacks and quickly finish them off with a counter attack.

Torch Zombie

Location: Northern Undead Asylum (after returning), Depths, Lower Undead Burg guarding Griggs

Description: Zombies using torches as their weapons.

Drops: 100 Souls

Strategy: Block the Torch Attack and beat him to death. It takes a second for him to charge the attacks so hit him fast and often. Watch out for the "Torch Frenzy Attack" as he can kill you almost instantly.

Armored Zombie

Location: Undead Burg

Description: Armored version of regular zombies. Equipped with either a sword/shield, an axe or sword with firebombs.

Drops: 30 souls, Hollow Warrior's Armor Set, Shortsword, Battle Axe, Firebomb, Cracked Round Shield

Strategy: Some Zombies keep throwing bombs at you while you are fighting, be sure to kill those first.

Undead Assassin

Location: Lower Undead Burg

Description: Undead Assassins have low health, but are capable of backstabbing and riposte. They can also throw knives at you.

Drops: Hollow Thief's Armor Set, Target Shield, Bandit's Knife,

Strategy: Be extremely careful when fighting a group. Firebombs recommended for quick kills. If you fight them individually, they are very susceptible to backstabs. If you're fighting a group, try to use a bottleneck to narrow down the directions they can attack from. Any decent shield will easily block strike so a simple block and counter strategy works well one at a time, just be careful to only try 1-2 hits before blocking again. Watch out for their parrying ability and use a jumping attack.

Undead Soldier (Sword)

Location: Firelink Shrine, Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Northern Undead Asylum (after returning)

Description: A shielded soldier that has gone hollow.

Drops: 50-150 souls, Longsword, Hollow Soldier Shield, Titanite Shard

Strategy: Hold back with attacking and let them initiate. Block or dodge their attack and counter it quickly. Kicking the shield works wonders.

Undead Soldier (Spear)

Location: Undead Burg, Undead Parish, Northern Undead Asylum (after returning)

Description: A shielded soldier that has gone hollow.

Drops: 50-150 souls, Spear, Titanite Shard, Hollow Soldier Shield, Hollow Soldier Armor Set (doesn't drop in Undead Asylum)

Strategy: Spear Soldiers have their shield up most of the time and will "turtle" behind it until you make a mistake at which point they will jab you with their spear. Use a kick to stagger them or trick them to attack first and counter attack. If you have light equipment run around them to get a backstab.

Sometimes they will bash forward dealing 3 spear strikes, this attack is extremely dangerous. ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍ Kicking the shield works wonders. Firebombs are also very effective, as the arc of the thrown firebomb can carry it right under their shield and strike their feet for full damage.

Undead Knight

also known as Balder's Undead Knight

Location: Undead Parish, Sen's Fortress

Description: Fully armored undead guards carrying either a rapier or a longsword.

Drops: 100-500 souls, Titanite Shard, Large Titanite Shard, Balder Armor Set, Balder Shield, Rapier, Balder Side Sword

Strategy: Stay behind your shield, and only attack when they are vulnerable. They have moderate health, but their attacks are usually predictable. The rapier variant will attempt to parry and riposte. You can tell when it will attempt this because it will change stances, holding out its rapier with its shield up. Just wait for it to attack, and retaliate with a blow of your own. Alternatively you can use a kick or jump attack which will knock it out of the parry animation allowing you to attack.

Undead Archer Knight

Location: Undead Parish, Sen's Fortress

Description: A fully armored undead archer from the land of Balder, armed with a strong Crossbow.

Drops: 100-500 souls

Strategy: Usually very simple to deal with, just hold up your shield when it fires, then run in and kill it in 1 or 2 hits. If your attack rating is low, just rinse and repeat a few times. Since they are usually backed up against a wall, it is difficult to backstab and no riposte is possible. Sometimes they can be a hassle since other undead will be attacking simultaneously so try to position yourself where their arrows/bolts will hit some feature of the landscape, such as a wall or rock, while killing the melee undead. Once they're all taken care of, rush the archer.

Engorged Zombie

Location: Painted world of Ariamis

Description: They are red hollows infected with something that have puffed up like marshmallows and can breath fire and poison.

Drops: 330 souls

Strategy: They can shoot fire at long range and close range, spew toxin when you are near them, and when they die they splatter toxin on the player if he/she is too close. They do not have much health, and have no means of blocking damage, so it is best to just deal with them and get them out of the way as they can become a nuisance otherwise. A few hits with anything will just about do the trick, but long reach weapons work best. Back-stabbing is also a very good idea because the poison does not spew out until they finish their death animation, giving the player ample time to retreat. Can be easily killed by lighting spears, such as the DragonSlayer Spear, which has a long reach and extra damage.

Fire weapons prevent these enemies from releasing their toxin when you kill them.

Undead Crystal Soldier

Location: The Duke's Archives

Description: They are blue crystal warriors that are a little faster and smarter than the standard hollows.

Drops: 400 souls (confirmed), Crystal Straight Sword, Caduceus Kite Shield

Strategy: They are encountered in small and large groups and the damage they put out is significantly more than all the other hollows in game. They are very resistant to magic damage and are extremely dangerous to those with lower endurance and poise as they can knock a shield back with a strike. Be wary of these foes, as they all don't take much to kill, but dish out large amounts of damage. Be careful of trying to get in too many hits as they seem to have fairly high poise as well.

Undead Crystal Archer

Location: The Duke's Archives

Description: They are blue crystal archers who can fire quicker than the standard archers. Their arrows seem to have a homing affect.

Drops: Longbow

Strategy: The marksman variety of these must be dealt with as soon as possible as an arrow can suck a lot of your health away and can one-shot you from the backside if you are a low VIT build. Rush them with your shield up to take em out, but watch out for any nearby Crystal Soldiers, as the archers are often positioned to be bait for another Crystal Undead.

Undead Attack Dog

Location: Undead Parish, The Depths

Description: Undead dogs that prowl the streets in packs of two or more. They will attack and dodge suddenly.

Drops: 50 souls (Undead Parish)

Strategy: Use a spear to skewer these guys. It aims better down low. Keep your shield up and circle as normal. Locking on and fighting them in corridors is advisable. Never allow enough area that they can surround you as 2 or 3 can attack in such rapid succession without a chance to recover.

Flaming Attack Dog

Location: Blighttown

Description: Fiery cousin of the Undead Attack Dogs. These red-colored fire-breathing demon wiener dogs are small and hard to hit.

Drops: 150 souls (Blighttown)

Strategy: Use a spear to skewer these guys. It aims better down low. Keep your shield up and circle as normal. Locking on and fighting them in corridors is advisable.The dogs will sometimes wait for 2-3 seconds then breathe fire at you. Attack after lunges or breath. They're actually pretty easy to kill if you take them slow.

Infested Ghoul

Location: Blighttown

Description: About the size of a normal zombie. These deformed creatures don't seem to be too picky with their weapons. They can be seen wielding a sword, a spear or even a corpse.

Drops: 150 souls, Soul of a Lost Undead, Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Broken Straight Sword, Humanity

Strategy: Tactics are quite similar to normal zombies. Block their attacks and damage them with a quick counter attack. Beware though, as they can be dangerous in packs and do poison damage. Watch out for their grapple attack that bypasses your block as they push you to the ground and literally take bites out of you, can be an easy OHKO for new characters. They will crouch down and spread their arms while roaring slightly before they jump up on top of you.

Darkwraith Knight

Location: New Londo Ruins (lower level)

Description: Guarding the lower area of the New Londo Ruins, these fierce servants of the Dark Lord wield large swords and a Darkhand as a shield. They can grab you if you stand in front of them too long, which will drain your humanity, it is telegraphed by a white light pulsing from their offhand.

Drops: 1200 souls, Titanite Chunk (Common with 410 item stat), Titanite Slab (Extremely Rare), Dark Hand (Rare). In NG+ (1.05), 3600 souls.

Strategy: Try to use ranged attacks on these guys, and avoid fighting any more than one at a time, especially on NG+ or higher. Their grab move is lethal. Otherwise, parries and backstabs work quite well. Circling around them seems to make them kick you less often.

Undead Mage

Location: The Catacombs

Description: Hunched-over, robed figures with glowing eyes holding a Skull Lantern that can shoot fireballs. They reanimate skeletons that fall in battle around them, so killing them first is advised. They do not respawn once killed.

Drops: 800 souls, Skull Lantern (rare)

Strategy: Killing skeletons around these guys is just a temporary measure. Run into the room and kill the Mage off. This ensures that you will have at least cut a foothold into the level, as the next time you come around, the skeletons will stay shattered. Shoots fireballs at you.



Location: Firelink Shrine graveyard, The Catacombs

Description: Your basic skeletal warrior. Utilizes deft combat techniques and are quick to punish reckless attackers. Equipped with either a large curved sword, a small curved sword and shield, or a longbow.

Drops: 50 souls, Scimitar, Red & White Round Shield, Falchion, Short Bow

Note: Use a divine weapon to ensure that skeletons stay dead, as killing them with divine power severs the Undead Mage's ability to revive them.

Strategy: Keep your guard up and watch out for their rolling attacks, which usually occur when they first see you. Can be dangerous in groups, and the sword and shield variety can parry and riposte. A divine weapon is helpful, as is a weapon with wide horizontal attacks that can strike more than one at a time or catch them during their rolls.Hammer type weapons such as a mace or club can knock them down, leaving them helpless for a few seconds.

Giant Skeleton (Sword)

Location: Firelink Shrine (graveyard), Catacombs & Tomb of the Giants

Description: Skeletons of giants, standing the height of about three men and wielding Murakumo (curved greatsword). Accompanied by normal-sized skeletons in the graveyard of the Firelink Shrine.

Drops: 500 souls, Murakumo, White Titanite Chunk, 800 Souls when in The Catacombs, some in Tomb of Giants drop 1000 souls.

Strategy: Attack from the rear. Weak to divine weapons and strike damage.

Giant Skeleton (Bow)

Location: Tomb of the Giants

Description: Skeletons of giant archers, standing the height of about three men.

Drops: 500 souls, Longbow

Strategy: Attack from the rear. Weak to divine weapons and strike damage.

Skeleton Beast

Location: Tomb of the Giants

Description: Similar dimensions to the Giant Skeletons, but on all fours and with an elongated skull that looks like a cross between human and canine. Wields no weapon.

Drops: 500 souls

Strategy: Fast and agile, with regular swipe attack and hugely damaging flurry attack, but low health. Keep shield up as much as possible and move back quickly when they rear for flurry attack. Flurry attack seems to ignore armor and guarantees death if not blocked by a shield with sufficient stability. Recommend dispatching using a spear from behind a shield or using pyromancy. Also possible to kite them off edges.

Wheel Skeleton

Location: The Catacombs (Lower area), Painted World of Ariamis

Description: Skeletons stuck between the spokes of a carriage wheel fitted with jagged metal blades. They have a long vision range and roll toward the player once they get close, shredding anything in their path.

Drops: Bonewheel Shield

Strategy: Wait until they are close then roll to the right or left put up your shield if you have enough stamina. Try to position yourself so that when they miss you they'll hit a nearby wall, otherwise you'll have to chase them down to kill them. Run at them and attack before they come again. Wheel skeletons are notorious for continually rolling against a shield until the player's stamina is depleted, and then rolling right up against the player and keeping them stun-locked until they die. Aggroing individual wheel skeletons with a bow and then killing them one at a time can increase survival rates, particularly when done near a wall that will stop the skeleton long enough for it to be attacked. A high stability shield such as the Eagle shield combined with an upgraded spear can also kill individual wheel skeletons with relatively low risk if the player has enough stamina to both block and attack. Pyromancy works reasonably well on them, if you have good enough equipment, they can be one shotted most of the time.

Bone Tower

Location: Tomb of the Giants

Description: They are stacks of bodies and bones all forming one worm-like being.

Drops: 250 souls, White Titanite Chunk

Strategy: They are very slow moving but have a ranged attack where they fall over on you, knocking you down in the dirt. Also they spin their arms around when you are within melee range. On occasion, they will also burrow underground and pop up in another location.

Skeleton Baby

Location: Tomb of the Giants

Description: Skeletons of babies, only come to about knee height.

Drops: 100 souls, Humanity

Strategy: Because they usually spawn in groups you should use low sweeping attacks. Some normal melee attacks wont hit them as they are shorter than your normal enemy. Note: They can also inflict the toxic status. Come prepared.

(They are also completely infinite, endlessly spawning. A good place to farm souls and humanity with the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring)



Location: The Depths, The Great Hollow, Ash Lake.

Description: These monsters resemble frogs, with large eyes and a mist attack that inflicts the curse status effect.

Drops: 200-245, Eye of Death, 400 souls(The Great Hollow & Ash Lake)

Strategy: Having a high humanity count will increase the length of your curse meter, allowing you to remain in the mist for a longer time before being cursed. They have a relatively low health and poise, so a barrage of attacks will often leave them stunlocked until they are dead. Make sure not to get surrounded as multiple mists will build up your curse meter very quickly resulting in a quick death and half health upon respawning.

Tree Lizard

Location: Darkroot Garden

Description: Green two-headed lizards found on trees. They're extremely skilled at camouflaging themselves.

Drops: 60 souls, Egg Vermifuge

Strategy: They are hard to spot for someone who hasn't seen one yet. But once spotted they are easy to defeat. They are weak to fire and probably other elements not tested yet. They go down in a couple of swings, but will turn hostile once they are either attacked or gotten too close too. One or two unblocked hits from one will poison a player with low END.


Location: Darkroot Garden

Description: Brown and green, slender tree-like creatures can sometimes be difficult to spot in the like-colored forest.

Drops: 100-150 souls (Darkroot Garden) Bloodred Moss Clump, Purple Moss Clump, Blooming Purple Moss Clump

Strategy: These enemies attack from a medium distance with whip-like vines, and have a close range grab that by-passes your block & deals quite a bit of damage. Not too hard to defeat one on one, but can be troublesome in a group. Best source of poison, toxic and bleeding curing items. Use fire weapons or pyromancies if you have them.


Locations: Darkroot Garden

Description: Red frogs with black dots. These frogs seem to be a some sort of crossbreed of a regular frog and a manta ray.

Drops: 80 souls, Green Blossom

Strategy: These enemies should be no threat whatsoever. Kill them one at a time and you are fine. However, they are usually found in the company of Stone Knights and can hinder your kiting abilities.

Mushroom People

Locations: The Great Hollow, Ash Lake, Darkroot Garden

Description: These enemies come in two varieties: small, largely-defenseless mushrooms and enormous brutes. The little ones can attack, but will almost always fall flat on their faces instead, leaving them completely vulnerable. The large mushroom men deal tremendous damage with their slow wind-up punches, and can break the player's guard quite easily.

Drops: 50 Souls (Small), 500 souls (Large), Gold Pine Resin (Darkroot Garden only)

Man-Eater Shell

Locations: Ash Lake, Crystal Cave

Description: These massive shellfish with their mouths full of skulls lie in the sand along the edge of Ash Lake, and in the floor of the Crystal Cave just before the boss arena. Once they detect the player they hop up on spindly legs and run very quickly after you.

Drops: Purging Stone, Twinkling Titanite (Drops Twinkling Titanite in Ash Lake as well as Crystal Cave)

Strategy: These enemies hit very hard, but their attacks telegraph slowly. They have a particularly devastating grab attack that absolutely must be dodged. Because the rims of their shells are so wide they have a very large hit radius on their attacks, and their hardened shells are quite damage resistant. Either fight them at a range, like with a spear and shield, or circle around behind them as often as possible for safe hits. Pyromancy is also very effective as it allows you to keep your distance from their damaging melee attacks and can also damage them in groups. When fighting them at Ash Lake you can use the Black Hydra's ranged attack to take them out fairly easily.

Sewer Rat

Location: Undead Burg, Depths

Description: Comes in three different sizes: small, large, and nightmare-inducing size. They are often seen attacking the player in groups. The latter "huge" rat has an axe lodged in its left eye from an earlier encounter, and is located in the first large antechamber in the Depths. Note that the size of the rat does matter, in that the larger varieties have more health and do more damage. They can inflict poison extremely quickly when attacking in large groups.

Drops: Humanity (rare)

Strategy: Be more wary of this enemy when they are in large groups, as you can find yourself easily cornered and overwhelmed. Otherwise, keep your shield up until they attack and then counter with an attack of your own and you should be able to take them out without much problem.

Snow Rat

Location: Painted World of Ariamis

Description: Similar to the small sewer rats, with one huge difference: Snow Rats can inflict Toxin effect with its attacks whether or not they're blocked.

Drops: 300 souls, Humanity

Strategy: Spear and shield or magic work best. They usually ignore you until you attack so just make sure to kill it quickly or just take 1-2 hits, block, rinse and repeat.


Location: Valley of Drakes

Description: Younger versions of dragons. Unlike other enemies from the dragon family, they are NOT weak to lightning.

Attacks: Lightning breath attack and flying attacks.

Drops: 1000 souls, Dragon Scale (Very rare)

Strategy: Instead of being weak to lightning, these enemies are weak to fire. Using a quick casting pyromancy such as a form of combustion is very effective as it can cause staggering, interrupting their attacks. Whether using pyromancies or melee, wait until they wind up for lightning breath attack, sidestep it and then move into close range to attack. At a far distance they will go up into the air for a quick dash attack, easiest way to avoid it is with a side roll, just be sure not to roll of any cliffs.

Giant Leech

Location: Blighttown (swamp area on the far left side facing away from the bonfire in the sewer)

Description: Giant slugs.

Drops: 100 souls, Large Titanite Shard, Green Titanite Shard (5 each time it drops it).

Strategy: Slows and deals poison. They are quite slow and don't have much health so they're pretty easy to kill. Be careful not to pull groups as they can stunlock you to death. Great for farming as their drop rates are rather high and they are easy to kill.

Giant Mosquito

Location: Blighttown

Description: Small (and some might even say annoying) flying bugs. They come two at a time and respawn 3 times per bonfire visit.

Drops: 30 souls

Strategy: Wait for them to come to you and ensure you're relatively at the same altitude to each other, otherwise your attacks may simply miss. Watch-out for them when climbing out of Blighttown swamp as they can take you by surprise and fluster you in an area where it's easy to fall at the best of times. Locking on with a bow or soul arrows is an easy way to take them out, if you don't mind using that resource on such a weak enemy.


Location: Blighttown

Description: Fire-breathing insects with three pairs of legs and two pairs of what seem to be arms. Even though they also have wings, cragspiders don't seem to be able to fly properly. Instead, they use them to hover in the air for a short while before landing again.

Drops: 100 souls

Strategy: Rush them and take them out as they stagger from most attacks. If you see their fire attack charging up and you can't get close enough to strike before they unleash it, then simply back away from it.

Serpent Soldier

Locations: Sen's Fortress, The Duke's Archives (jail)

Description: Large reptilian humanoid creatures that are efficient melee fighters, carrying massive swords and shields, and occasionally biting during combat.

Drops: 500 souls, Man-Serpent Greatsword

Strategy: The melee fighters are typically slow, but hard-hitting. Time your parry carefully so as not to swing during their long wind-up, then riposte them, or circle-strafe them during combat for an easy backstab. If you have the space, just move back a step or two when they start their attack animation then move in for 1-2 hits, but wait to make sure they don't try a 2 swing combo before moving in.

Serpent Mage

Locations: Sen's Fortress, The Duke's Archives (jail)

Description: A cobra-headed variant of the Serpent Soldier. Serpent Mages cast lightning magic and have four arms, each holding a flamberge. This type also has a powerful bite attack that engulfs the players head and can destroy characters with low Vitality.

Drops: 500 souls, Flamberge

Strategy: Roll under the mages' lightning and engage them with melee attacks; they rarely counter with physical attacks in time to be a threat. (Weak versus fire). Though watch for poison spit and very devastating melee attacks if you let them swing and hit. Two great soul arrows are usually enough to kill them after each cast you should use the environment to block his lightning

Burrowing Rockworm

Location: Demon Ruins

Description: They are large black worm like beasts that pop out of the ground when you near a certain position. They have multiple small centipede-like legs and large pincers.

Drops: 800 souls, Green Titanite Shard, Red Titanite Chunk

Strategy: They pop out of the ground at certain places and spit acid from a distance. If the player chooses to try and fight them up close they have two so far know attacks for countering that. They will sometimes thrash about spinning and smacking everything around them, knocking the player back. Other times they will grab a hold of the player in its pincers and clench them hard taking away allot of health, then throwing the player down in the dirt. This attack is best avoided by watching the pincers on the mouth, as they will extend outwards when they are about to bite.

Ranged Strategy: If you have a bow and some arrows most of the time you will be able to kill them at a distance without the fear of being attacked.


Location: Depths

Description: These slimy creatures hang on the ceiling in some areas of the sewers and can fall on your head causing excessive damage. When on the ground, their slow movement and attack speed make them more of a nuisance than a threat.

Drops: Large Titanite Shard, Green Titanite Shard, 100 souls

Strategy: They are very resistant to most melee attacks, but fire will make short work of them. However, if fire is unavailable then a steady flow of attacks with a melee weapon will keep them stunlocked and unable to do much of anything.

Chaos Bug

Location: Demon Ruins, Lost Izalith

Description:Red and spiky little bug-like creatures. Aimlessly hopping around in dark areas in small groups. They are non-hostile and avoid the player. Killing them will eventually yield a light-producing helm.

Drops: 30 souls, Red Titanite Chunk, Sunlight Medal, Sunlight Maggot (once each playhtrough).

Strategy: They are simple to kill, just hit them once or twice and they will die.


Bat Wing Demon (Imps)

Location: Anor Londo

Description: Around 500 HP. White demon, carries spear.

Drops: 500 souls, Demon's Spear

Strategy: These enemies use lighting attacks that can pierce your shield so be careful blocking them for too long. If you have magic cast a spell to pull them and then quickly finish them with your melee attacks. You can use the ledges that they are often nearby to push them off and kill them, as even though they have wings they will still fall and die.

Minor Taurus Demon

Location: Demon Ruins

Description: They have 900 health. They are exactly the same as the Taurus Demon from Undead Burg.

Drops: 1200 Souls, Demon's Greataxe

Strategy: Can easily be lured into attacking by getting within range then backing away. Their swings are long and leave them vulnerable giving plenty of time for you to get in a couple hits. Don't put your back to lava as you can be knocked into it by blocking their attacks.

Minor Capra Demon

Location: Demon Ruins

Description: They are exactly the same as the Capra Demon boss from Undead Burg.

Drops: 800 Souls (First Play-through) , Demon Great Machete

Strategy: Same strategy as Capra Demon after the dogs are killed except now you have much more room to maneuver. You can also try to shoot at them from range before they start running towards you.

Stone Demon

Location: Demon Ruins, Lost Izalith

Description: Legless floating stone demon.

Drops: 300 souls

Strategy: These guys have only two attacks: a cone of flame blown either in a straight line, or in a semi-circle as they rotate in place. Wait until it is breathing fire and attack it from behind. You can safely strafe around them without your shield raised if you have 75%-100% movement speed. Try to avoid fighting them in groups in Lost Izalith.

Crow Demon (Harpies)

Location: Painted World of Ariamis

Description: Naked human body with large black crow wings instead of arms and crow head.

Drops: 900 souls, Souvenir of Reprisal

Strategy: These guys are quite a pain. They have few attacks and in close quarters will use a left and right swing with their arm/wings, this can easily be blocked but will do high damage if it connects. When they crouch down, they will attempt a very damaging grab attack, in which they jump on the player and attack with their beaks. Since the pounce has a certain distance, moving either two backsteps away, or toward them when they start the animation, will make the attack miss. To deal with them you must block their swings and then avoid their dive, attacking in between. Pyromancy is powerful against them, but hard to land since they often launch themselves before attacking.

Mass of Souls

Location: New Londo Ruins (lower area after waters gone)

Description: Like slimes only much much larger, they have a "face" that looks "skull-like" amidst the black and purple ooze.

Drops: 5000 souls

Strategy: They are dangerous in many aspects, for one they are always nearby some Darkwraith Knights. They have a long range attack that shoots out a ooze that can coat your player and slow them significantly (also damages you over time). They also can "spawn" the Wisp enemies found in the catacombs by barfing them up into the air. This makes fighting this massive thing even harder as if they explode with you nearby then this will send you away from the beast and also hurt significantly. Their melee attacks involve a large scythe like blade coming from the 'face' in the mass that then either lifts up and slices straight down directly in front of the mass or shoots out quite a distance, again, straight out directly in front of the mass. Both are easily dodged by circling around it. Range combat is also a recommended method dealing with them, as they can often get stuck in doorways while slowly pursuing you, leaving them open to an easy ranged kill.

Another easy strategy is to lure out darkwraiths around him first, them just strafe and attack from the side as he will no longer spawn heads and his attacks are all forward facing

Bounding Demon of Izalith

Location: Lost Izalith (entrance)

Description: Large two legged beasts, with a charred dark color to them. Lower half of Undead Dragon

Drops: 2000 souls

Strategy: They can spot you from a very long distance, allowing them to use one of their devastating moves. They can jump from approximately 7-9 yards away and land on you, or do a distant tail sweep throwing you like a rag doll...and if they jumped, if any part of them touches you when they land it usually just kills you. Best thing to do is to back up a bit, then when they land charge them to get under them. Begin hacking away at their legs, they don't have a ton of health, (approximately 1000-1200??) so withing 300-500 damage they will use another attack. They can stomp once with their right foot..if so roll to the other leg and finish them off...if the stomp back and forth from leg to leg, avoid them altogether, then approach again when they are done. Sometimes the do a tail sweep, which can be avoided if rolled under them at the right time. And If they crouch and jump up, run to either the left of right of them a few yards, as they stay in the same spot for some reason (avoid being under the tail as it kills if touched as well). Then when it lands finish it off.

They are undoubtedly one of the most aggravating creatures in the game, but they can hurt one another, use that, and the fact that they cluster together and do massive damage, to your advantage.

*(As of 1.05, their aggro range seems to have been significantly reduced, allowing you to make it through the area with only having to deal with a couple of them, and always 1v1 [take your pick at a path toward the buildings]. Running from the illusory wall bonfire to the root path that's through the small, broken building, I aggro'd absolutely nothing. It felt like I had to be slightly inside lock-on range for them to aggro - skytt)*


Great Stone Knight

Location: Darkroot Garden

Description: Giant armored golem with sword and shield. Laying on the ground, sleeping, until you get close.

Drops: 300 Souls, Stone Greatsword (very rare), Stone Greatshield (somewhat rare).

Strategy: They can cast Tranquil Walk of Peace, which can devastate assassin/stealthy characters. Keep a shield up at all times and, so long as you have enough stamina and a good shield, you should be able to emerge victorious. Their spell will wear off after 30 seconds, or will dissipate upon their demise. If you see them casting Tranquil walk of Peace go all out on them, the cast time is long letting you get 2 or 3 two handed attacks in with enough time to switch back to sword and shield.

Melee characters can stand directly behind them as they wake and hit them with powerful strikes before they have a chance to attack. Weak against strike/blunt weapons. Fire Attacks also seem to be effective.


Location: Sen's Fortress

Description: Huge warriors responsible for the machinations and protection of Sen's Fortress. Apart from the boulder giant, these do not respawn.

Drops: 3000 (Boulder Giant), Titanite Chunk

Strategy; Simply stay beneath them and roll as they swing their arms. They will start to stomp on you if you stay there too long. Sometimes they will perform a flurry of attacks by swinging their fists; they will warn you of this attack by stomping once with each foot and roaring loudly before lunging towards you, flailing their arms. After performing this attack they will get tired and fall over till they catch their breath.

Infested Barbarian (Club)

Location: Blighttown

Description: Large and ugly giants wielding a club. Their hits cause poison.

Drops: 500 souls, Dung Pie, Large Club

Strategy: They can be easily brought down with backstabs, as they are slow, and have a large recovery time after swings. They are also quite susceptible to bleeding. Alternatively, you can hit them with a poison arrow a couple of times. Fighting them one on one with iron flesh and two handing your weapon is another option, though it can cost you some health. A fun and easy way to kill them is to aggro them by getting close and then lure them to the nearest ladder, climb halfway down it and watch as they fall to their deaths.

Infested Barbarian (Boulder)

Location: Blighttown (swamp area)

Description: Large and ugly giants who have taken liking to boulders and use them as weapons.

Drops: 500 souls, Dung Pie, Pickaxe, Large Club

Strategy: They can be easily brought down with backstabs, as they are slow, and have a large recovery time after swings. They are also quite susceptible to bleeding. Can dangerous in groups as they can throw their rock from far away, not only delivering large damage, but also setting you up for a combo which can easily kill those with a vitality lower than 15 in two hits. Be wary of their boulder 'drop and roll' attack as it doesn't really seem like they are doing anything, but then can cause massive damage. When you see them start to gently place the boulder down, roll or move to the side as they will begin pushing boulder straight forward until they hit something. After a successful dodge a backstab is pretty easy to pull off.

Crystal Golem

Locations: Darkroot Basin, The Duke's Archives (outside), and the Crystal Cave.

Description: Hulking crystalline monsters who move fairly slowly and strike with great force.

Drops: 200 souls (Darkroot Basin); 1200 souls (Duke's Archive); ? souls (Crystal Caverns); Blue Titanite Chunk (rare)

Strategy: It is best to take them on one at a time, so lure them away from any others when possible. Keep your shield up if you're not attacking as their jumping attack can cover ground quickly and deals massive damage. When fighting them in Darkroot Basin you can use the hydra's ranged attack to kill them pretty easily.


Location: Anor Londo

Description: Huge Giant Knights wielding giant halberds and tower shields

Drops: 1500 Souls, Giant's Halberd (Very Rare), Giant Shield (Very Rare)

Strategy: These hulking monsters resemble enormous stone statues and often attack in pairs, though may of them will not attack you unprovoked, unless you are looking for a fight do not lock on to them or attack them unless they move. Although powerful, Sentinels are very slow, and weak versus lightning damage.Their shield and guard is almost impenetrable, so flanking is a must. Their attacks consist of a single horizontal swing, two wide horizontal swings in combo, a forward lunging thrust and a ground shield smash as well as a powerful overhead vertical swing.

If you are powerful enough, a great weapon two handed may stagger them, but they are surprisingly quick to respond to your movements. One melee strategy is to get close and hug their shield arm whilst strafing around them in lock on mode, they will attack with the vertical swings so either roll or block if you have a powerful enough shield and endurance. This can bait them into using the shield smash move, which is the slowest move they have, which provides you with time to get behind them and attack. They are very weak to magic, fire, and lightning. Since the Sentinels are so tall, it's quite easy for a player to slip between their legs when they are not attacking, or charging their shield bash. It's also possible to do so while they are doing their standard sweep attack, but a good shield and high poise are necessary, since their sweeps have such a wide arc that the player is often caught by the back swing.

Weak point: leg below the knee (same for Royal Sentinel)

Royal Sentinel

Location: Anor Londo

Description: Variation of the Sentinel found in Anor Londo Cathedral

Drops: 3000 Souls; Giant's Halberd (Very Rare), Giant Shield (Very Rare), Titanite Chunk (Rare)

Strategy: Royal Sentinels only appear in the Andor Londo Cathedral, in the hall before the Smough/Ornstein boss fight. Same as above, barring a few differences. The royal variety of Sentinels have access to two spells. a powerful radial explosion which causes magic damage, as well as the ability to heal themselves.The same strategies also apply, and although it is harder to slip between their legs due to the armored skirts they wear, and they also have a forward thrusting attack that can be easily sidestepped. The shield bash attack does still leave enough clearance for the player to slip between their legs, and it is just as easy to hug their shield arms. It is important to do a great deal of damage to them if they start to cast their healing spell, as it almost totally restores their health. This can be difficult as they automatically raise their shields in front of themselves while casting their healing spell. The other radial spell has a slow charge up, allowing you to retreat to a safe distance before it fires. One strategy is to stand on the staircase where the Silver Knight Archer stands and equip a bow and the Hawk Ring. Even cheap arrows will do ~31 damage, and they will not move or heal if you consistently get headshots.


Hollowed Asylum Knight

Location: Northern Undead Asylum (upon returning from the Firelink Shrine)

Description: The remnant undead form of Oscar of Astora, the knight who gave you the Estus Flask in the tutorial stage. When you return to the asylum you may see him walking around but beware: he is not the same man he was the first time you met...

Drops: Crest Shield

Strategy: No special strategy is needed. Engage, dodge, kill. Parrying is easier when he fights one handed. He also is overburdened so whenever he rolls, feel free to wail away

Black Knight


  • At the bottom of the Catacomb canyon. Once inside the room with the Titanite Demon, enter the room on the right and fall down one of the holes in the floor next to the stone casket. Wields the Black Knight Greataxe. (Warning:If you enter the large, open area full of Wheel Skeletons without killing this enemy first, he can and will drop down from the ledge behind you and attack you while you're off-guard.)

  • In Anor Londo there is a variation of the Black Knight called "Silver Knights". These are respawning enemies and have the same attack patterns as the Black Knights.

Description: This enemy is clad in fine, black armor, and wields remarkable, large weaponry. Often guards rare treasures in earlier levels.

Drops: Varying souls, whatever weapon they wield (Chance), Black Knight Shield (Chance) (the two in the Asylum also have a high chance of dropping a Red Titanite Chunk).

Strategy: Either circle-strafe them until they attack, before backstabbing them, or parry one of their slower attacks for an easy riposte kill. There is an attack pattern that most sword/shield or spear/shield knights do; if you are a good distance away from them (just outside of their weapon's reach) it raises the chance that they will do a shield bash once they get into range of you. If you are quick enough you can simply back away from the bash allowing you to keep half of the stamina they would have taken away. This shield bash is followed by a skewer lunge with their weapon, this one of the only attacks I have seen that they pause long enough in that position to easily backstab them. Note that you must evade at least the skewer attack to have enough time to strafe to your right and backstab them.

Note: Weak to fire if hit directly. Black Knight Shield is highly resistant to fire.

Blowdart Sniper

Location: Blighttown

Description: Darkly clad enemy that attacks using lethal toxic darts.

Drops: 500 souls, Purple Moss Clump, Blooming Purple Moss Clump

Strategy: They are quite easily killed with a couple of hits, provided they are within your reach. They do not have any close range weapons which puts you at a huge advantage.

Darkmoon Soldiers

Location: Anor Londo (Only in Dark Anor Londo)

Description: One is dressed in Balder Armour with the matching Balder Shield; very agile in comparison to partner. The other is wearing a Steel Set with Tower Shield and Greatsword, this one is a tank enemy.

Drops: 5,000 souls

Strategy: Lead the Balder enemy out a ways from their friend. Should be a rather easy fight. Next, you can kite, block, or just bum-rush the Steel enemy. Both are relatively easy enemies. If you are a Pyromancer, a few Fire Orbs or Great Chaos Fireballs shall make fighting them a light task.

Possessed Tree

Locations: Darkroot Garden

Description: A giant living tree which is more of an obstacle than an enemy. Looks like a normal tree with its branches and roots wiggling.

Drops: None

Strategy: Possessed Trees do not attack at all, so feel free to whack away.

Spoiler: Two trees block the entrance to a secret path where the Wolf Ring(high poise ring, thats from memory) is. Right before where the Stone giants guard the Elite Knight armor set, look to the right and attack the first big tree.

Great Feline

Location: Darkroot Garden

Description: A large cat that resides close to the gate leading to the Great Grey Wolf Sif. Mid-fight, two more cats will join in.

Drops: 2,000 souls

Strategy: Stay in the wooded area that leads to their arena from the stone bridge and lure them over to you. They'll only be able to go in so far, at whick point they'll back out of the woods slowly, allowing you to land some hits. Repeat the process until it expires, and remember that two more of these cats will appear mid-way through your fight with the first - the same strategy can be used for all three of them.


Location: Sen's Fortress, Anor Londo, The Duke's Archives.

Description: Fake chests that await you opening them for the big surprise that its actually a living being.

Drops: 1000 Souls, Upgraded weapons & coins depending on the Mimic you kill. All Mimics also have a chance to drop the symbol of avarice.

Strategy: If you're in any of the above areas, never assume that a chest is simply a chest - such assumptions can lead to a surprising death at the hands, or rather the mouth, of these devious monsters. You can see if it's a Mimic by looking at the chain to it's side - if the chain is laid in a circlular pattern then it's just a chest, but if it's laid in a some-what more straight line then it's a Mimic. Similarly, if you examine the chest closely, a Mimic chest's lid will slowly open and close every ten seconds or so. If you're unsure, you should always give a chest a two-handed jumping attack, and if it's a Mimic then this will become immediately obvious when it rises up. Doing the jump attack will take off a chunk of it's health before the fight even begins and makes the rest of the fight that much shorter. Stay behind them where possible and attack after it attacks. Watch out if you stay too close to the front of it and it raises both it's arms in the air, as it's about to perform it's grab attack. The grab can OHKO even the hardiest of players. Note: You can also throw a Loyd's Talisman at the Mimic before you attack it. This will cause the mimic to become dazed and open, allowing you to take the treasure inside it without being eaten.

Parasitic Wall Hugger

Location: Blighttown

Description: Huge tentacled parasite hugging a wall.

Drops: Nothing, but it's blocking access to the Power Within pyromancy spell.

Strategy: Easy to kill with ranged attacks on their upward pointing tail as it's unable to attack from a distance. Melee is possible if you sneak behind it using a ladder right before the poison giant in the hole in the wall and follow the path leading to a hole directly behind the parasite where it can't damage you. Careful of attack it too much as it is possible to fall down between it and the ledge where you attack it and if that happens your are dead.

Crystal Lizard


  • The Catacombs (x2 Lizards):Go to the bridge where the entrance was guarded by two skeletons and a necromancer. Head to the room on the right which looks like a small tomb. Look on the ground for an oddly dirt patch and walk over it. You will immediately fall down into a hallway. There you will find the two crystal lizards.

  • Tomb of Giants:After you leave the darkness it will be along a narrow slope.

  • The Great Hollow (x2 Lizards):Jump down to the fat branch that you can see from the starting bonfire. Move on to the wall, jump down to the branch below and to your left and then again to the platform below.

  • The Great Hollow (x5 Lizards):Follow the path around from where you found the first Crystal Lizard. These Lizards have a random chance of appearing so revisit the area if they do not appear.

  • The Great Hollow:Move forwards from your starting point, it is near the U-shaped bend in the main branch.

  • Lost Izalith:In the shortcut passage which connects the area before the Demon Firesage & corridor of the Prowling Demon.

  • Crystal Cave (x3 Lizards): Enter the crystal cave and jump down from the second Crystal Golem platform. Land on the transparent platform below this, and look back.

Description: Crystal Lizards are a rare enemy that always drop a rare form of Titanite. They spawn once per playthrough in each area but will respawn every time you rest at a bonfire until you kill them once. If you let them escape, you can try reloading your game from your position and they may respawn.

Drops: Titanite Shard, Titanite Chunk, Twinkling Titanite, Green Titanite Shard... etc... ..... and 1 soul.

Strategy: Crystal lizards do not fight. Instead, they run from you. Attack them quickly because they will burrow underground and you will not get your loot. As they are low to the ground it can sometimes be difficult to target them with a melee weapon, particularly a larger or slower weapon, so ranged or spell attacks sometimes work better. It is also possible to knock them off heights to their deaths, such as in the Great Hollow. You will receive any loot automatically and will not need to reach their corpse.

The Channeler

aka Techno Priest

Location: This enemy can be found in the chapel before the Bell Gargoyle bosses and above the entrance to the Gaping Dragon's fog. Also encountered as a regular enemy in The Duke's Archives.

Description: Large spell-caster with a trident

Drops: unknown souls, Channelers Trident (extremely rare drop.)

Strategy: When they spot you they will fire Soul Arrows at you, or cast a spell the strengthens themselves and their allies. It's highly recommended to get rid of these quickly, especially the one In the Depths above the Gaping Dragon boss arena. If you rush one for a melee fight ensure you kill him fast, as if you don't there is a possibility that he'll teleport away from you - he's invincible while performing his teleport animation. Also note note that Ring of Fog does not affect them; they can still see you perfectly well, possibly due to having six eyes.

(The ones in the Duke's Archives respawn)


Location: make random and extremely rare appearances in many locations all over Lordran.

Description: They are small, and come in two versions: the first looks like a white, round egg, with many little legs; the second is like the first, only the egg has cracked open and sprouted two crab-like pincers.

Drops: a few humanities or twin humanities.

Strategy: These are not very difficult to kill, but don't underestimate them. They can shoot homing missiles, which have been known to instantly kill players--don't get caught off guard! Which is easier said than done, since they're so rare...


Egg Carrier

Location: Quelaag's Domain, Ceaseless Discharge's lair

Description: Crawling bodies with parasitic eggs attached to their backs, able to infect players with a parasitic egg head. Killing them spawns five leaping white worms that attack you and cause poison.

Drops: 15 souls per hatchling, Egg Vermifuge

Strategy: Most are non-hostile, so just avoid them. Not worth the hassle of dealing with all those worms.

Vile Maggot

Location: Where ever a killed egg-burdened is

Description: They are long and pale with sharp facial pincers, they resemble a real life "Grub".

Drops: [15] Souls

Strategy: These are creatures better just left alone as they are a hassle to deal with. They spit poisons at the player and lunge from a decent distance when gotten too close to. This can be lethal when their is more than one of them as the attack causes a approximate *1 sec* stunning before you can roll away. If you feel you MUST deal with them, it is recommended to be done at a distance or one at a time with melee.


Location: The Catacombs, New Londo Ruins

Description: They have the appearance of a decapitated hollow head. They float around in the air and glow slightly.

Drops: 900 souls

Strategy: They are invincible, but they make a rather massive AoE attack when they get near you. This is their only form of damaging the player, and it is self destructive, but this can be used to your advantage in areas where there Skeletons - shield the skeleton attacks until they are near, then roll out of the way as the head begins to power up, it will glow very bright and make a wailing sound. Then as it explodes, roll out of the way and it will damage only the skeleton. On a sidenote, these creatures are best stayed away from if you are a lower level and cannot take allot of damage or have little health, as the blast they make can then be devastating.


Location: The Painted World of Ariamis

Description: Somewhat humanoid sacks of flesh with spears jutting out of their backs, carrying massive shields. They cluster together and attack in packs, with stragglers chucking their weapons from a distance. Very dangerous if engaged as a group.

Drops: 500 souls, Large Leather Shield, Spear


Location: New Londo Ruins

Description: Ghastly shades that glide and attack through walls, ceilings, and floors. They have long melee ranges and the shrieking banshee variety can throw lightning at you.

Drops: 200 souls, Transient Curse (Always two per drop), Jagged Ghost Blade.

Note: Ghosts cannot normally be blocked or harmed by the player; however, there are ways to enable combat normally.


Location: New Londo Ruins

Description: Spectral remains of a former New Londo resident clutching a new born baby. They shriek upon seeing you and can throw lightning at you.

Drops: 400 souls, Transient Curse (Always two per drop), Ghost Blade.

Note: Like Ghosts, they cannot normally be blocked or harmed by the player; however, there are ways to enable combat normally.

Chaos Eater

Location: Lost Izalith

Description: Odd, yellow, cone-shaped enemies covered in eyes. They have several tentacles for arms and legs with a mouth on top. Also spits corrosive acid.

Drops: 1,000 souls, Red Titanite Chunk, Red Titanite Slab (very rare) , White Titanite Chunk

Silver Knight

Location: Anor Londo

Description: Silver-armored variant of Black Knights. Unlike them, Silver Knights respawn.

Drops:1000 Souls for swordsmen and spear-wielding , 1300 Souls for archer, Depending on what you fight you can get Silver Knight Straight Sword, Silver Knight Spear, Silver Knight Shield, Dragon Slayer Arrows (1 or 3)

Strategy: They are very similar in attacks to the black knight. They advance slow at times, and others rush at you. Just like the attacks from Dark knights, shield and defend until you can hit an open spot, but be careful as they drain stamina fast. Sometimes at a distance they will whip out a dragon slayer great bow which will deal massive amounts of damage with their impeccable accuracy. A Greatsword's heavy attack can/may stagger them, so rushing them when they are alone and hitting them with a two-handed greatsword running attack can deal with them easily.

Note: The second bonfire in Anor Londo where Knight Solaire sits can be an excellent place to farm these guys while also waiting for co-op summons. Drop summon sign, then go for the 4 knights on ground floor who all fall very quickly to a non-lock backstab or riposte using any decent weapon. They drop silver shields, swords and spears fairly commonly and provide 1K each, so once you get timing down, you can take all 4 down in ~1 minutes, then run back to bonfire, rinse and repeat. Also gives good opp to practice said BS/Riposte against bigger foes with multiple attack types.

Painting Guardian

Location: Anor Londo

Description: White-robed men/women that silently and swiftly deal with anyone that nears the painting in the room they reside.

Drops: Painting Guardian Sword, Throwing Knife

Strategy: They are big trouble in groups, its best to try to deal with a couple or so at a time. They can run very fast and will throw knives at a distance that (Bleed? the player?< needs confirm). They also have a tenancy to run and jump/ strike at the player, rolling away quickly after. It is also noted as a good idea to NEVER turn your back on them or run, as they will backstab at a moments notice, and it takes away a lot of health in the process, leaving you crippled horribly or dead. A positive is that they are weak and don't have a lot of health, but after a few hits they will flip away and heal. After they heal they will often equip as shield/ buckler (letting you know they are getting more serious) and they will be slightly more careful in attacks. It is advised to just focus on one at a time until they all lay dead on the ground.

(*I equipped the Slumbering Dragon ring, skimmed the left wall to the back so that you only aggro single to doubles, once behind them I could backstab the majority. -Yarxov*)

Clan of Forest Protectors (Cleric, Sorcerer, Thief, Knights, Bandit)

Location: Darkroot Garden

Description: Under the command of Alvina, these warriors have sworn to protect the Darkroot Garden from grave robbers.

Drops: 1000 (Thief), 2000 (Mage, cleric, axe warrior), 3000 (knight), 5000 souls (archer); the archer (no respawn) drop Pharis Hat and Pharis Bow.

Strategy: The problem with some of these enemies is that they block a crucial area for you to farm at so take caution. The semi-invisible knights do NOT respawn and should therefore be taken care of first, carefully. Do this will all the other knights. Then kill the ranger, she is slightly more to the right then most. Once you have dispatched of the knights and ranger, you have an area with relatively easy enemies to farm. One small reminder. Take each of the Forest Hunters on ONE AT A TIME. This is especially problematic with the cleric, since her friend (Thief) will come to assist her. Make sure to kill her quickly.

Bug: Easy way to kill them is to pull all of them run back to where the sealed gate is and go onto the end of the ledge to the right of the stairs. If they are not ranged fighters they will run off the edge (Even the Mage can run over the ledge, though sometimes he just stands there near the bottom of the stairs casting spells constantly, where when you're standing in the very corner, he won't be able to hit you).


Location: The Duke's Archives (Jail area)

Description: They are blue with two tails. They are roughly a little taller than the player, and have a octopus-like head.

Drops: 800 souls, Humanity

Strategy: They slither rather fast at the player but are not too much too take on. As long as the grapple they try to do is avoided along with the blue colored blast they shoot, they shouldn't be too hard. But the grab they try to do is crucial to avoid as it is unbreakable from ( < needs confirm) and they can kill a weaker player in one stab with the spike they hide under their throats.

Note: Can be backstabbed

Pinwheel Servant

Location: Tomb of the Giants

Description: The Pinwheel Servant is very similar to its master with six pikes with lanterns pointing out of its body.

Drops: 1000 souls, Mask of the Mother, Mask of the Child, Mask of the Father, White Titanite Chunks, White Titanite Slab (Extremely Rare)

Strategy:They are relatively simple to topple, as they only have one known attack, and that is to shoot orbs of energy at the player that differ in size.

AOTA Enemies

Treant Gardener

Location: Royal Wood

Description: Tall, green coloured fellows with long, lanky limbs, very similar to the Treants in Darkroot Garden. They wear a hat and tattered yellow clothing. They come in two flavours: One wields a pitchfork, the other uses a pair of gardening shears.

Drops: 200 souls, Purple Moss Clump, Bloodred Moss Clump, Blooming Purple Moss Clump, Four-pronged Plow (Rare)

Strategy: Awkward and clumsy monsters, they are not too hard to deal with. First, let's discuss the Pitchfork variety. Their weapon is fairly long, but they're quite slow in using it. Their attacks are fairly typical, with various swings and stabs. If you're a fair distance away, they'll attempt a jumping charge attack, which is easy to avoid and always results in them falling over, opening it up to free hits. Perhaps their most dangerous attacks is one where it scoops the ground with the pitchfork repeatedly, causing rapid, considerable damage. However, as with all their attacks, it is slow and easy to block. Next, the gardening shears variety. Their attacks are the very definition of limited, consisting only of a few snipping attacks. It's rapid-snipping attack will do a lot of damage and may break your guard if you have low stability, so watch out for that. Otherwise, you've little to fear from these homicidal landscapers. Both varieties can be backstabbed.

Stone Guardian

Location: Royal Wood

Description: Large, animated suits of armour made of stone. Similar to Great Stone Knights, though slightly smaller, wielding a Stone Greataxe, and lacking a shield.

Drops: 1000 souls, Stone Greataxe (Rare)

Strategy: With high HP, high magic defence, high Poise, and powerful attacks, these devils are no doddle to dispatch. Though most of their attacks are clearly telegraphed, they also hit very hard, so the slightest mistake could be fatal. Blocking is also impractical since unless you have an extremely high Stability shield and have lots of stamina. Watch out for their signature attack, when they slam their axe into the ground and pull it out with explosive force. The telltale sign of them using this attack is if the screen shakes while the guardian makes a low groaning sound. They won't use the explosion pull if you're too far away, however. All in all, the best way to deal with these stoney souls is patience. Attack only when it's absolutely safe to. And when in doubt, run!

Wild Dog

Location: Royal Wood

Description: They look just like the Undead Attack Dog except their fur is green-coloured and they have glowing yellow eyes.

Drops: ??

Strategy: See Undead Attack Dog.

Oolacile Resident

Location: Oolacile Township, Chasm of the Abyss

Description: Humanoid creatures with long arms and a red, bloated head with numerous eyes.

Drops: 400 souls, Large Titanite Shard, Green Titanite Shard, Bloated Head (Rare)

Strategy: Although they run quickly, they are quite clumsy and easy to evade. They have a running-claw attack that may catch you the first time, but afterwards, you should have no trouble blocking or evading. Their otherwise limited repertoire consists of close-range claw attacks that can be parried and riposted. At about Level 50, you should have no trouble with them.

Oolacile Sorceress

Location: Oolacile Township, Chasm of the Abyss

Description: Similar in appearance to the Oolacile Resident, but wearing tattered black robes and wielding an Oolacile Catalyst.

Drops: 700 souls, Large Titanite Shard, Green Titanite Shard, Oolacile Catalyst, Bloated Sorcerer Head (Rare)

Strategy: These malicious mages are far different from common residents; They possess an array of deadly dark magic spells. All their spells bear a resemblance to spells obtainable by the PC. It can cast Dark Orb, which fires an extremely powerful ball of dark magic that easily breaks your guard. It also casts Dark Fog, which creates a black cloud some distance away. The haze not only obscures your vision, but also inflicts Poison build-up. And it also sometimes casts Dark Bead, which fires a wide spread of small dark magic bolts. Most often, they'll be casting Dark Orb, however. Whenever you encounter one, always make a quick dash toward it and finish it off. If it is in a group or has already seen you, then hide behind the nearest wall. Lure out the surrounding Residents and kill them to eliminate the Sorcerers' guards. Then, wait until the Sorcerer stops casting Dark Orb to have a good laugh, then rush toward it and kill it. One other thing to note: They have a weak melee attack that can cause Poison. However, it is nowhere near as deadly as it's magic, and since they have 0 poise, you probably won't ever see them use the attack.

Chained Prisoner

Location: Oolacile Township

Description: Large humanoid monster, whose entire body is wrapped in chains. A tall stake protrudes from the top of the creature, and it uses that and a ball-and-chain as a weapon. Hits very hard, but is fairly slow.

Drops: 1000 souls, Chain Set, Leather Gauntlets

Strategy: While it is slow and clumsy, it's attacks are extremely powerful. Most of them are quite predictable, however. They consist mostly of pole swings and ball-and-chain slams, but there are a few attacks you should watch out for: A charging stake stab, in which it lowers it's head and runs toward you. You can usually tell it's about to use that attack since it spends a long while with it's head lower before charging. It can also do a spinning ball and chain attack, which is clearly telegraphed beforehand by a long wind-up. Take care when punishing it's attacks, however; the metal chains it's wrapped in cause your weapons to bounce, and the creature has very high Poise. Your counter-attack can easily backfire get yourself caught in a fatal combo. Magic seems to be the best way to deal with them.

Giant Humanity

Location: Chasm of the Abyss

Description: Black and white spirit that floats about and corrodes whatever it touches. They look exactly the same as the Humanity item. They come in many sizes, and it does matter how big they are, as they possess higher HP the larger they are.

Drops: Variable souls depending on size, Humanity, Twin Humanities

Strategy: They rapidly damage you on touch, so it is inadvisable to stay very close for very long. Weapons with long reach, such as Spears and Halberds, can easily inflict damage on the creatures without taking any yourself. Even better, bows or magic will keep you totally safe, rendering the Giant Humanities almost harmless. They are quite easy enemies if you have a diverse enough arsenal. One thing to be careful of, however: Shields are completely useless against them. Keeping your distance is the only way to prevent damage.

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