HP: 4200 (Standard Game)

Souls Awarded: 20,000 (Standard Game) 40,000 (NG+)

fireboss.jpg An imposing fire based boss found in Demon Ruins. It has been confirmed by Hidetaka Miyazaki that Ceaseless Discharge is the little brother of the Daughters of Chaos.


  • Single overhead melee attack: Ceaseless Discharge will groan and slowly lift a limb up high above its head, before slamming it down with great frontal distance. Can be evaded by side-rolling at the appropriate time (around the peak of the limb's height, just before he slams it down.) Or, if your Endurance allows maximum movement speed, strafing will suffice.
  • Double overhead melee attack: See above, except an additional melee strike in succession. Second strike follows your location, and will hit you if your roll was ill-timed.
  • Spider-like attack: Ceaseless Discharge will begin rapidly slamming his various claw-like limbs into the ground around you at random, somewhere between 6-10 times.
  • Sideways slash: Ceaseless Discharge swings a large limb from left to right, covering a massive arc. He will slowly wind his body/limb before doing this, and it must be rolled under. The best place to roll is as close to the beginning of the arc as possible, as the limb is highest off the ground here. Can knock you around a fair distance (especially with low Poise) and even off the ledge. You do not want to be hit by this.
  • Fire breath/melee: If you are too far away from Ceaseless Discharge, he will slam a limb into the ground that propels a massive stream of fire in the direction of the slam.


Img0032.jpg He will be passive until you either attack him or pick up the armor set in the area.

Line of Sight strategy: Head to the large rock mass near where the Gold-Hemmed Black armor set was acquired. If traveling from the armor location, make your first left and stop at the corner. If traveling from the fog gate, run up the stairs, make your first right, stop at the corner, and turn around. You want Ceaseless Discharge to be approximately at the stairs. Have him spot you, and as he charges a single overhead melee attack, evade it by rolling to the right ONCE. As soon as the attack lands, quickly move back into position and attack. Ceaseless Discharge will almost always use a single overhead melee attack if you are spotted in this precise location -- at the corner of the pathway, perhaps a few steps closer to him than the corner itself.
This is dangerously close to being in range of his Fire Breath attack, so you may need to experiment with the positioning until he only uses his single overhead melee attack, which is easily evaded with no damage taken.

Tank strategy: This one is especially easy in a first playthrough and has practically no risk. If you can (with buffs as necessary) survive the fire breath attack, simply stand at the minimum fire breath range, preferably with the boss at his initial position and tank it. There is plenty of time to get back up and get a few swings in before he raises his arm off the ground. If you have enough consumables/flasks/heal miracles, you can simply repeat the process, healing between attacks and not even moving.

Archery: If you get stuck after death with him still in aggro and unable to lure him to the ledge and find tanking him tough then equip some strong fire gear/shield and the sweat spell. Cast the spell on yourself and run as fast as you can to the "safe spot" behind the giant boulder. Flash sweat should gain you an extra attack or two to run. When you are safely behind the rock heal. Keep your shield raised and slowly walk behind the rock until his aggro wears off. If you slowly walk to the left side of the rock you should be able to see his tentacles waving around. You can shoot his tentacles without aggro'ing him again and at 125 a hit he dies pretty easily.

The Easy Way: Equip light armor before passing into the fog gate. Once through, walk to the Gold-Hemmed Robes on the far size of the zone. Pick them up and run as fast as you can back to the location of the fog gate. Make sure he is using his melee attack, not his breath attack, or otherwise he won't follow you all the way to the fog gate. If you die en route, you must go all the way back to the altar where the Gold-Hemmed Robes were and once again make sure he uses his melee attack. Once at the fog (a safe zone), the Discharge will stop, hesitate, and then take a massive leap over the chasm in an attempt to attack you (make sure to hug the fog so as to not get hit). At this point, it's only hanging on by one hand. Attack the hand only a few times, and Ceaseless Discharge's lifebar will suddenly completely empty as he falls into the chasm.

Video Cred goes to Codemanster0

You can progress without ever killing him by dashing through the lava, but only if you have the sufficient health and estus flask to reach the place where the Capra Demon stands.


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