The Channeler
Mighty mages with a trident, wearing the Set of the Channelers armor. They're able to dish out a lot of damage, both physical and magical (with their trident and soul arrows, respectively). They're also able to buff enemies within their range, making their attacks much more effective.


  • The Depths - Found on the floor above the Gaping Dragon Arena surrounded by Rats. If not dealt with quickly, he will then warp to the high walkway above the Gaping Dragon Arena.
  • Undead parish - In the cathedral, after ascending the stairs towards the battle against the Bell Gargoyle. Pay attention for the zombies , especially if he has buffed them!
  • The Duke's Archives - Three Channelers appear on the walkways throughout the Archives, these do respawn.


Attack Patterns

  • Ranged strong soul arrow - This can be devastating with low magic resistance, but has a slow build-up and can easily be dodged.
  • Trident thrust - Close-range, repeated melee thrust with Trident. Can deal a huge amount of damage, especially when buffed.
  • Channeler's attack buff - Not an attack in itself, but a dance that buffs all enemies in close range. Buffed enemies will have a blue aura around them.
  • Teleport - When damaged, a Channeler teleports to a different location. Has a long build-up, but a Channeller is invulnerable to damage when a teleport is initiated.


General melee strategy

Since a Channeler teleports away upon taking damage, engaging one in melee combat can be a challenge. The key is to wait for one of its longer attacks and then to stagger it. So take a fast weapon that doesn't drain lots of stamina (e.g. a spear) and get close to it. Now wait until it either start to dance or does its trident thrust attack (if it thrusts, get behind it), when it does unleash as many attacks as possible. If it's staggered, it won't be able to teleport away.
A Channeler will die in as few as two or three hits with the Drake Sword. Just remember to pick it off alone - don't engage it in a group of enemies.

Ranged Strategy for the Channeler in the Undead parish :

After you defeat the Tower Knight, go behind the pillars near the Fire Keeper Soul. Take out your bow and shoot the Channeler repeatedly. Hide behind the pillars to avoid its Soul Arrow. Successful hits on the head will stagger him, not allowing him to attack. The zombies will just stand there. This makes it easy to deal with the zombies as the Channeler won't be able to buff them.


  • The one in The Depths will buff the Gaping Dragon if not killed prior to the fight, making the fight much harder.
  • The two Channelers in The Duke's Archives are able to buff each other once one of them teleports into range of the other.
  • The Channelers can see you through the Ring of Fog's invisibility, so it is advised to use another ring.
  • They seem to be weak to fire.

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