Large cat that resides close to the gate leading to the Great Grey Wolf Sif. Mid-fight, two more cats will join in. They do not respawn.
Darkroot Garden
1,465 HP
2,000 Souls


Their main attack is a fast roll that is hard to stop using a low stability shield. With enough stamina and stability you can block through the roll. Try and lure them into the trees one at a time. They will do a rolling attack at you, hopefully ending up hitting one of the trees. After this they will start to back up out of the area because they can't go past the trees surrounding the bridge. This is when you can get a few hits on them; rinse and repeat. If you stay up close they won't roll, but will bite 1 or 2 times. Then simply repeat block, hit, block, hit, etc. The cats can also do a grab attack and chew on you. You can escape out of this grab by repeatedly tapping L1/R1 in order with minimal damage.


A zero risk but more tedious method for killing all three cats is to approach through the forest beyond the sealed Crest of Artorias door and then get up on the top of the cliff overlooking where the cats reside. One cat should be visible in the distance. Shooting the cat with a bow will cause it to start rolling and charge into the cliff below you, where it will stun itself and then slowly walk backwards while facing you. As it walks backwards, you will have time for a number of bleeding headshots, spells, or firebombs, after which it will start rolling again and continue to repeat the pattern. Eventually all three cats can be lured into this repeating pattern. This approach will require a fairly large number of arrows or bombs, although bombs can be very effective since it is possible to hit 2-3 cats at the same time if you time it right. Bring at least several hundred arrows as you may need to repeatedly incite them into ramming the cliff below you.

Close Ranged Mage

What you need to do is equip Ring of Fog then run up to the cats. It should only pull one of them. You can kill this one anyway you want or you can use the next step. Next you should remove your ring of fog and pull the other 2 cats. Now you need to run back into the forest where you came from, they should not follow you in there. Put on your ring of fog. The cats should give up and all run back to one spot. The ring of fog allows you to get close enough to target them. Hit them with your hardest spell then retreat short distance into woods. The cat will give up and go back to where it was before simply rinse and repeat until dead.

Dung Pies

The easiest strategy at low levels is to throw some Dung Pies at them. Stay in the safe zone by the trees and lure out one at a time, make them do their rolling attack, then dodge and lock on. Throw 3 Dung pies in a row, this should be enough to infect them, and you should also be unharmed from the Toxin with some basic armor. Once infected, the cat will die in about 3 minutes (NG). Rinse and repeat for the other two.


Possibly weak to lightning or thrust damage, as the Lightning Spear destroyed them. They are also very vulnerable to ranged attacks as they back away from the forest. Fire definitely hurts them.

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