Undead Prince Ricard

Prince Ricard was born into royalty, but wandered the lands in a fateful ill-conceived journey. It is told that he became Undead and disappeared up North, where he now guards a lone tower in Sen's Fortress. Judging from his Elite Knight armor, one can assume he was of Astoran royalty. He wields his unique rapier, a bow, and the buckler shield.


Located past the Iron Knight in the upper area of Sen's Fortress, kill the Iron Knight and take the path to the left of where he was standing to find a ladder. Follow the path the ladder leads to in order to find him.


Ricard guards the narrow pathway and stairs to the tower, his armor is quite heavy which makes him dodge slowly. He uses his bow from a distance, and up close he switches to his rapier which has a uniqe moveset with fast consecutive stabs. He will parry with his buckler, if given the chance, so be prepared.
  • Super easy, stab until dead.


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