HP: 1506 (Standard Game) 2900(NG+)

Souls Awarded: 10,000 (Standard Game) 40,000(NG+)

moonlight_butterfly.png The Moonlight Butterfly is the boss of the first area of the Darkroot Garden. It can be found at the top of a moss covered staircase past the sleeping Stone Giants. The battle takes place on a long stone bridge with the Moonlight Butterfly flying next to it. Unlike most battles, much of its combat is purely ranged and one-sided; the Moonlight Butterfly will keep its distance from the bridge for a majority of the battle and simply fire projectiles at the player.


All of its attacks deal magic damage.
  • 6~8 Fast moving energy spears: Causes medium damage. (When the butterfly is charging energy into its mouth, dodge)
  • 3~5 Slow moving energy orbs: The orbs will also track you. Causes Heavy Damage. (Dodge it, charges before releasing just like the energy spears)
  • Energy Bomb: After the Butterfly's health drops beyond 50%, its attacks start becoming faster. It will charge and release a big blue energy bomb, in the direction its horn is pointing, when it hovers on top of the bridge. Hard to block, move behind the butterfly to dodge it.
  • Ray Beam: Rarely used, from its usual position, it charges, and shoots a continuous beam of energy from one side of the bridge, to the other. Can be dodged by rolling through the beam.
  • Face Bomb: The Butterfly will rest its head at the side of the bridge to drink nektar, which also replenishes its health by about 50 HP. Before it moves back to flying position, it charges up and causes a small explosion. Move away from it as it starts charging.



1) Target the Butterfly and strafe with it, keeping it as directly in front of you as possible (as in, always be facing one of the walls of the walkway with room to walk sideways). You've got leeway, but you need to be able to roll to your sides in order to dodge its attacks.
2) When it starts to charge an attack, roll just before it releases the attack. Roll again immediately if necessary (I like to roll back toward the direction from which I rolled the first, but it's not terribly important - just keep up with The Butterfly). Repeat.
3) When it's the beam attack, press up against the wall closest to the Butterfly and roll once the beam nears your position (you gotta time it right, but if you do you should roll right under it).
4) When it lands, beat it to a pulp. Avoid it's explosive attack, which should be easy as it charges up for a while. Repeat this every time it lands, obviously.
5) When it flies over you hide behind the door you came in.


You're going to need some type of bow and a ton of arrows. Without a high amount of dexterity, this method of battle will be a long and tedious one.
If you have the Sunlight Spear miracle, a few strikes will make this fight easy as pie. Sorcerers should have no problem with this boss either.
OR you can farm for enough souls to purchase 25-30 fire bombs from the male merchant, which makes this the easiest boss fight in the game. (block/roll and throw)

Video Cred goes to Codemanster0


  • Use 2 hands when the Butterfly rests on the bridge for maximum damage.
  • To get there, you do not have to fight all the enemies in the forest, just hug the left wall as you enter the area with the big armored sleeping enemies, follow the left fall all the way to the ruins, the gate to the tower is behind one of the resting large enemies, just sprint past him, and go up the stairs, and the Butterfly is behind the white fog.
  • Dodging is crucial for this fight, so make sure your equip weight allows you to dodge fast.
  • Easter Egg:You can see the Moonlight Butterfly floating up by the ruins when near the glowing seal doorway, foreshadowing the upcoming boss battle. You cannot damage the Moonlight Butterfly from this position.
  • Always hug the wall when dodging the Butterfly - this makes it much easier to dodge.
  • A shield with good magic resistance can be used to block the small energy spears with little damage; The Crest Shield from the Nameless Knight after returning to the Northern Undead Asylum is a constant drop. Ironically enough the Crystal Ring Shield is ideal for this fight because it has awesome magic resistance and is very light.
  • There is a glitch that may occur if you don't kill the Sleeping Stone Giant next to the stairs leading to the boss, wich makes Moonlight Butterfly aggro the Sleeping Stone Giant downstairs and then vanish. (Happened to me several times on different characters, and only when I didn't kill the Giant.)


  • If the player is in human form, the Witch Beatrice can be summoned. Her summoning sign is hidden behind a bush at the base of the staircase. Summoning her will make the boss-battle into a cakewalk.
  • If you summon Witch Beatrice in this fight, she can also be summoned in the Four Kings Boss fight.


As a normal enemy

They can be found resting on ledges in the Crystal Caves. They'll respawn every bonfire, but they won't attack you unless provoked. They drop blue titanite chunks (rare) and blue titanite slabs (excruciatingly rare).


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