Giant Rat


Depths. It guards the area with the Sewer Chamber Key, and the slide-shortcut to the Blighttown entrance. The Spider Shield is also located on a ledge above, accessible from the shaft behind the Butcher.

This "huge" rat has an axe lodged in its left eye, from an earlier encounter, and is located in the first large antechamber in the Depths.

400 souls.
1 Humanity.

This Rat is fast and hits hard, but luckily there are escape routes which allows for safe replenishment of est.
It can also be attacked from above, if the player drops down from the shaft behind the butcher. Use ranged attacks, firebombs or a massive damaging falling attack for an easy kill.
There is a way to kill this rat without ever confronting it in battle. Moving through the Depths, to the bonfire that's behind the torch zombie. If you exit that bonfire room and turn down the right you will move along a path into a room where you can break some boxes and drop down into a cage looking at this very large rodent. If your weapon has enough reach you can effectivly stab the rat through the bars and slowly kill him off. He will jump back every now and then but if you are pateint and wait he will walk back into place as he losses agro. Then you just hit him again until it's dead then walk around the normal route and collect your prize.
Note: This may not work for the PC Version. I have not confirmed myself but a friend of mine has not be able to do so. If someone could test this theroy and note that it works it would help.

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