The Black Knight

Souls Dropped: Varies on location


This enemy is clad in fine, black armor, wielding a remarkable sword that seems to be a Great Sword. Often guards rare treasure in earlier levels. While their attacks are very powerful, they're also very vulnerable to a parry by the player, quickly followed by a riposte attack.

There are additional variants to the Black Knight wielding different weapons which have a chance of dropping their respective weapons when defeated.


Undead Burg

Undead Parish

Darkroot Basin

Undead Asylum - Cell

Undead Asylum - Cell

Tomb of Giants

  • Directly after first fog wall. Can be encountered by waiting at the fog entrance. Note: Recommend holding shield in ready position, as it is very hard to see.
  • Wields a shield and halberd
  • Drops White Titanite Chunk, and occasionally drops Black Knight Halberd

The Catacombs

Kiln of The First Flame

  • All four versions (Halberd, sword, greatsword, and great axe).
  • All re-spawn.
  • Each of the weapons will drop off their respective Black Knights in the Kiln of the first Flame if your item discovery is high enough.

More information on locations and drops needed!

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