HP: ??? (Standard Game)

Souls: 60,000 (Patch 1.05) 120,000 (NG+)

dark_souls_bed_of_chaos.JPG The Witch of Izalith attempted to duplicate the First Flame from a soul, but instead created a distorted being of Chaos and Fire. Its power formed a bed of life which would become the source of all demons. The boss is located in a chamber below Lost Izalith, and the entrance is guarded by a daughter of chaos.


No weaknesses, all targets die in 1-2 hits.

Attack Patterns

  • Attacks with his hands in a horizontal direction.
  • After destroying one object, a large appendage will appear on the boss's back, this has a longer range than the boss's hands and will attack the player with vertical swings.
  • After destroying both objects, the two appendages that appeared can surround the player on both sides and create a flame pillar between them.


This fight is similar to the Dragon God from Demon's Souls, in that you never directly fight the boss. When the fight starts you will see a glowing orange sphere on each side of the boss. Inside each sphere there are a bunch of roots; roll through them to find a targettable root that must be destroyed. While inside the spheres (before destroying the root) you are safe to heal.
The orbs do not respawn when you die, so when you destroy an orb it is possible to quit the game and reload it to respawn outside the fog gate. Using a Homeward Bone from the orb is not recommended as it means travelling back to the boss fight from a bonfire.
Each time you destroy an object the boss will grow a large scythelike tentacle out of its back, this will attack near your vicinity. It doesn't seem to directly focus in on the player though.
You will need to do this on both sides, when you destroy the first object the floor will start to give away so be careful not to fall. 1
After destroying both objects on the sides, you can go into the middle area near the boss, be careful because the entire floor in front of him will give out. When it does you need to jump on a root and then run up to him in order to enter a cavity underneath his head (The place you're aiming to jump from is in the open pit area, there are two forward protrusions. The one that sticks further out, on the right, should give easy access to the root). Be careful as a minor appendage will appear in attempt to knock you away from making the drop. Once inside you will find his heart, hit it and destroy it. Do that and you've won.

Complete Video Guide:

  1. Go for the right orb. Stick close to the wall and you'll be safe. Break the branches, then any melee hit will take out the orb.
  2. Turn around and go back to the center. To get there safely, just stay close to the root and you'll avoid falling through the ground.
  3. Go for the left orb. Run all the way along the left wall until you reach a vine and can't go farther, then backtrack just far enough to clear your line of sight to the orb. Stay close to the wall and you'll be safe. Aim just above the center of the glowing rim along the orb's bottom. It'll take a few arrows to get through the branches, but don't adjust your aim, just keep firing. Should take about 5-6 arrows--if it takes more than that, try re-adjusting your aim.
  4. Run back to the center. You'll notice a tree trunk; stand a short distance to the right of it, and you'll be safe from all the Bed of Chaos's melee attacks. She can still do her firestorm though, so do keep an eye out for that. Then, watch her arms: she'll sweep her left first; start running when she starts sweeping her right arm. When the floor crumbles you'll notice a tile that sticks out further than the rest. From on top of that tile, you can safely fall down to the root without having to jump.
  5. Almost done! Just run down the path, roll to break the branches in the way, and be wary of her firestorm. Then just take her out with any melee attack.
  6. Celebrate!

Alternate Strategy:


  • Even if you die when you go back to the boss it still has the parts you have hit destroyed.
  • Note that the heart is a small insect like creature that can damage you. Deal with it swiftly.
  • Tip: Spend all souls possible and try to not worry about humanity as you may die easily from the pattern of attacks.
  • If you time your running jump just after the swipe of the second hand you should make it onto the branch with no problem.
  • [addendum] You dont even have to jump. The path leading to the heart is in a L shape. You can roll (perhaps even run off) directly onto the path from the two floor tiles that stick out, and be safely below the sweeping hands. If you jump there is a good chance you will land higher up the path, and be subsequently swiped off by the hands once you start running for the heart.


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