Golden Crystal Golem

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They are the same as the blue ones with the exception that they sometimes have NPCs stuck inside them and they take a lot longer to kill. These do not respawn.




  • Uppercut
  • Its arm extends into a crystal like club for a swinging attack at short range.
  • An AoE attack where he slams both arms on the ground. This will make crystals shoot from the ground around the golem.
  • Jumping overhead attack at medium range. Steals a lot of stamina and possibly fatal.


Same as with the blue golems. Just lock on to them and deal as much damage as you can as quickly as possible. They have a lot of HP!
For Darkroot Basin it helps to have the Rusted Iron Ring. If you are a magic user you can work the left-hand side edges to run away and start attacking again once it moves back to its initial location. Rince and repeat.
Golems in general seem to be weak to fire and the Golden Crystal Golems are no different.

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